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"With my love to technology and my life journeys, I talk about both my passions"

Amir is a speaker at international technology and software development industry events. Amir's talks focus on Multi-Site Software Delivery, Scaled Agile, Organizational Transformation, and Tech Leadership. 

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"Speak what's on your mind"

These are some of my most popular talks and all time favorites 

This is an incredible study about a major Program transformation and the way we've applied Follow the Sun methods into Agile at Scale to create high performing global teams.


This session focuses on a major Program transformation into a global delivery machine. With a methodological transition from Component teams, to Cross-functional teams, to Feature ARTs, this talk reveals our model for structuring and executing change effectively.


I am a project manager. What is my role now that we're Agile?

Whether you work with a Project Manager or you are one, you may have wondered: Is there a need for a Project Manager in my Agile organization? 

This session reveals

the conditions where you can't live without a Project Manager.


Customer management is not owned by customer managers. We are exposed to customers every day, and on all levels. In this session you can expect to pick up concrete takeaways you might not have considered, or been aware of. As we unfold the basic elements of excellent customer management.


A lot has changed since February 2001 when seventeen thinkers framed the foundations for Agile. It is time to recall the basics. In this session Amir will slice the foundations of the Agile Manifesto into four user stories correlated to the Manifesto four values, told in a humorous and humanized manner

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